• Liz George for Oklahoma House District 42
  • If elected, I commit to approach each decision we face at the Capitol with a simple and singular purpose: to do what is in the best interest of the people in our community

    Liz George


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Community Concerns

  • Our Neighbors & Children

    Our Neighbors & Children

    Oklahomans are known internationally as the state that comes together to support their neighbors when its people face tragedy.  The budget crisis has caused many organizations to reduce funding to, and in some instances, completely shutdown programs that benefit the neediest among us. We cannot stand by as our fellow Oklahomans suffer. The Oklahoma Standard must be applied to the tough decisions we face at the Capitol.

  • Budget & Economy

    Budget & Economy

    Liz’s goal is to maximize every tax payer dollar and stop the wasteful actions present in our current legislature. Oklahoma faces a $1.3 billion budget shortfall for the upcoming fiscal year.  This problem did not surface overnight.  It is a result of a long-term problem and a failure to ensure diversity of revenue sources.  Liz will make informed choices to address not only the immediate budget crisis in Oklahoma, but will seek out, develop, promote, and pass legislation to ensure that Oklahomans can enjoy economic prosperity for future generations.

  • Pro-Public Education

    Pro-Public Education

    As a parent with two young children in Blanchard Public Schools, Liz is running to advocate for public education. Our kids, our educators, and our school districts must have the complete support of our legislature.  Unanticipated mid-year budget cuts are completely unacceptable.  We must take action now to ensure our schools are fully funded.

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